Packing Robots

Whether you are packing cartons in cases, pouches in cases, or products in trays, Remtec packing robots can greatly improve the speed and flexibility of you packaging operation. But the robot is only part of the story. All of Remtec’s packing robots feature highly reliable Lantech case erectors and sealers, which are available in a … Continued

Picking Robots

Remtec’s state of the art picking robot systems utilize high-speed parallel-link robots (sometimes called “spider robots”), along with robot vision and high speed line tracking.  Together, these technologies allow randomly oriented products to be picked and placed at rates up to 150 ppm.  In systems that involve multiple picking robots, the rates are accordingly higher. … Continued

Concept Development and Justification

Our applications team has the experience to help you develop a winning system concept.  Technical creativity and economic analysis are both important components of developing a sound and justifiable robotic system.  Remtec has an experienced staff of mechanical engineers and electrical engineers, including two registered professional engineers.  On average, our engineers have 19 years of … Continued


Reliably depalletizing cases or parts presents special challenges.  Loads must be stabilized, and the product being depalletized must be accurately located before each pick.  Remtec has demonstrated experience building case depalletizing systems, carton depalletizing systems, and depalletizers for picking work in process components to supply to downstream production processes. With standard Allen-Bradley controllers, Remtec depalletizing … Continued

Case Palletizing

Remtec offers a range of robotic case palletizers from low-cost single SKU systems to multi-lane systems that palletize dozens of case SKU’s.  Remtec’s robotic case palletizing systems offer maximum flexibility, with the ability to change SKU’s automatically on demand.  The creation of new load patterns is a breeze using a PC-based graphical interface, which allows unit … Continued

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