Remtec Announces New VP of Operations

Bill-SilliesRemtec Automation, LLC, is proud to announce the selection of William (Bill) Sillies as our new Vice President of Operations.  Sillies has garnered extensive automation experience through his role leading the operations group of a machine tool products company based in Cincinnati. Throughout his 25 years in the Cincinnati market, his career has included many upward roles in the custom automation and machine tool sectors.

According to Remtec president, Lisa McMcMican Ryle,

“Bill will bring an Operational Excellence drive to the Remtec team. His depth of expertise spans industry-specific technology and people management.  He will drive operational structure and efficiencies and bring unique insights to the plant floor while connecting with our high value clients, understanding the challenges they face on their own plant floor, further enabling Remtec to maximize its customers’ competitive advantages.”

Remtec is confident that Sillies will direct the operations with great success, creating an environment of growth and opportunity for our valuable workforce, while applying Remtec efficiencies to strengthen the businesses of our customers.  We are pleased to welcome Bill Sillies and look forward to his contributions toward Remtec’s continued success.

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