The productivity of manufacturing and packaging operations depends on the efficient staging, loading, and unloading of products and materials to and from production lines. Robotic stacking and destacking systems are very well-suited for these types of processes.

Application processes in areas such as product assembly, part finishing/machining lines, flooring production, forming operations, and more.

Remtec robotic stacking and destacking systems can be customized to handle a variety of raw materials, finished products, packages, sheet goods, board stock, trays, totes, crates, and pallets.

Workcells can be designed to feed materials to a manufacturing line, stage them for WIP storage, or stack off for final warehousing or shipping.

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How Robotic Stacking and Destacking Improves Processes

Traditionally, stacking and destacking operations in manufacturing have been performed using manual labor. Turnover tends to be high with these types of jobs because they are not only dull and repetitive but also tend to be hard on the human body and injury inducing. Other challenges involved with these types of processes include high rates of speed and volume, products sticking together, as well as varying product shapes, weights, and sizes.

Robotic stacking and destacking offer the following process advantages:

  • Frees employees for more enjoyable tasks
  • Consistent production rates over manual handling
  • Automation can safely separate products
  • Intelligent systems can process complex stacking data including shape, crushability, stability, & shipping data

Industries that Benefit from Robotic Stacking and Destacking

  • Materials Production
  • Consumer Products
  • Building Materials
  • Food and Beverage
  • Life Sciences
  • Automotive

Why Choose Remtec?

As one of the leading North American robotic integrators, Remtec has developed a wide variety of robotic stacking and destacking systems. As your robotic automation partner, Remtec offers you the benefits of:

  • Fully customizable systems designed for unique products & production requirements
  • Wide variety of gripper & tooling designs
  • Complete Fanuc robot model integration capabilities (small products to large)
  • Multi-SKU capabilities with automatic or simplified changeover
  • Full pallet handling systems
  • Product conveying & feeding systems
  • Integrated production monitoring with plant & DC enterprise systems
  • Product inspection
  • Product code reading, tracking, & traceability
  • Integrated labeling

In many cases, customers who are new to robotics, are wary of the potential complications of transitioning to a robotic system. The Remtec team will work with you to make the integration process easy and accessible. From employee robot training to user-friendly traditional HMI based controls, we make the implementation of robotic automation smooth and simple.