Cognex Certified System Integrator

Remtec is proud to be a Cognex Certified System Integrator. Our certification means we are recommended by Cognex as a systems integrator with skilled resources and experience in advanced and complex automated vision applications.

As a Cognex Certified System Integrator, we offer turnkey services such as:

  • Engineered manufacturing & packaging vision solutions
  • Automation equipment customized to your specifications
  • Integration into pre-existing solutions systems
  • Quality control and worker safety focused designs
  • Projects built to regulatory compliance
  • Expert project discovery and management

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Cognex is a world-leading provider of vision systems, software, sensors, and industrial barcode readers used in manufacturing automation. Common applications for machine vision include detecting defects, monitoring production lines, guiding assembly robots, as well as tracking, sorting and identifying parts.

As a Cognex Certified System Integrator, Remtec has provided companies with technology that allows them to improve product quality, lower manufacturing costs, and eliminate production errors. Our customized Cognex solutions have helped businesses exceed consumer expectations for high quality products that are affordable.