Often new systems need to be integrated with existing equipment.  This creates integration challenges that can endanger the success of an automation project.  As one of the leading robotic integration specialists in North America, Remtec can help you realize the benefits that industrial robots can bring to your manufacturing operation.

Remtec’s experienced team of engineers can evaluate your existing production process to get the most from existing assets, while integrating the latest technologies to move your operation to the next level. Using the latest analysis and simulation tools, Remtec will model your existing process.  Then we will design, deliver, and install a complete robotic integration system in your plant, completely integrating all processes including:

  • Product handling
  • Inspection
  • Palletizing
  • Wrapping

New systems and legacy equipment can be controlled and production data can be collected, using one integrated control system implemented by Remtec.

Our robotic integration experience translates to your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through robotic automation.