Remtec’s state-of-the-art picking robot systems utilize high speed, parallel-link robots (sometimes called “spider robots” or “delta robots”) and scara robots, along with robot vision and high speed line tracking.

Together, these technologies allow randomly oriented products to be picked and placed at rates up to 110 ppm per robot. In systems that involve multiple picking robots, the rates are accordingly higher.

A common type of automation in the category of picking robots is packaging equipment load and unload automation.

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Remtec’s robotic high speed picking systems offer maximum flexibility, with the ability to change SKUs automatically on demand. All of Remtec’s picking robots are equipped with standard Allen-Bradley controllers, which eliminate the need for robot programming expertise on the packaging floor. A simple touch screen operator interface is provided so that the system can be operated without specialized training. Production data is also tracked and displayed.

Picking Robot System Options:

  • Product conditioning (pouch flattening, product feeding, and separation)
  • Integrated vision inspection
  • Product recirculation and/or buffering
  • Ethernet integration with a line or plant enterprise systems

Learn more about our high speed picking robot system solutions:

  • Cartoner Pouch Loading – Remtec’s high speed picking robots feed pouches from bulk, position them, and supply them to the cartoner.
  • High Speed Pick and Place of Toothpaste Tubes

Our high speed picking robot system experience translates to your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through robotic automation.