Loading and Unloading Improved with Scara Robotics

FANUC SCARA robots provide the ideal technology for high-speed, precision processes including assembly, pick and place, testing and inspection, as well as packaging processes.

Remtec recently designed a robotic system using two to provide visual line tracking to randomly pick tubes of pet flea drops from a custom feeding system. The robots can pick and place one, two, or three tubes depending on the needs of retail product package configuration.

Two FANUC SR-6iA scara robots

The tubes are loaded into a Sonoco Alloyd rotary style blister seal machine, which runs at 18 indexes per minute. The card count per station and product counts vary, so a flexible solution was needed. The FANUC robots have manual tool changers to allow very fast changeovers.

FANUC SR-6iA scara robot advantages include:

  • Superior robot motion and high-speed operation
  • High repeatability (± 0.01mm)
  • Ultra compact footprint and 360° work envelope

A key advantage of the system is that only one operator is required per machine side to keep up with high processing rates, whereas typical processes require three operators per side. Given new social distancing requirements in the workplace, this system provides an important solution for meeting those health and safety needs.

A custom re-pitching unloader and FANUC LR Mate 200iD robot allow for continuous unloading and collation of products for retail tray loading and wrapping. FANUC’s LR Mate Series of human arm-sized robots provide an ideal compact solution for fast handling and processing parts across a whole range of industries.

See the Remtec designed FANUC loading and unloading system in action:

Remtec Automation has partnered with FANUC Robotics as a certified FANUC Authorized Systems Integrator since the program was started. Our team has integrated FANUC robots since the early 1980’s, and offers you the advantage of being a competitive, capable source for customized robotic systems designed using the most trusted name in advanced robotic technology.

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