Six Packaging & Industrial Applications that Benefit from Robotic Automation

In today’s manufacturing world, robotic automation is helping businesses across a range of markets realize efficiency, productivity, and profitability goals. Among the many advantages that industrial robots offer toward furthering these objectives are:

  • Reduction in unskilled labor costs
  • Safety and elimination of labor-related injuries
  • Improved capital allocation through multi-shift lights-out operations
  • Enhanced production speed and accuracy
  • Flexibility and ease of product changeover
  • Improved quality, reduced scrap, and increased uptime

When it comes to return on investment, robotic automation offers a significant return since industrial robots can be retooled and/or redeployed many times over an estimated service life of 80,000 to 100,000 hours.

The following are six examples of packaging and industrial applications that can be improved and optimized through robotic automation.

Three Packaging Applications that Benefit from Robotic Automation


Taken together, packaging and material handling applications represent the largest area of opportunity for realizing the benefits of robotics. Recent advances in robotic packaging automation technology offer substantial benefits in higher-rate handling applications such as case packing, tray packing, and kitting.

  1. Tray, Clamshell & Blister Packaging Equipment – Product Loading, Final Pack Unloading

Robotic systems are well-suited for integration with clamshell closing and welding equipment, blister sealing equipment (retail packs), clamshell and blister loading equipment, and skin packaging equipment. 

  1. Food Processing Tray Handling – Bakery, Confectionery 

Robots are effective for loading and unloading trays on racks and from conveyors. In addition to performing repetitive tasks that are ergonomically problematic for human labor. They also  operate very well as collaborative robots in a work cell with employees performing other tasks. 

  1. Cartoning – Erecting, Folding, Closing, Side Seaming, Sealing

Robotic automation is ideal for the assembly, loading and sealing of cartons. Remtec packing robots feature highly reliable case erectors and sealers, which are available in a wide range of tape-seal and glue-seal configurations.

Three Industrial Applications Improved with Robotic Automation

Remtec Industrial Solution

Industrial manufacturers are realizing the significant cost savings, quality improvements, and productivity gains associated with flexible robotic assembly. Robotic assembly systems can consist of one or multiple assembly operations occurring within a work cell. Robotic assembly applications include a wide range of functions for a host of industries.

  1. Injection Molding – Insert Overmolding, Part Extraction, Line Side Assembly

Robotic automation relieves employees of the repetitive tasks associated with injection molding that put them at risk for accidents and injuries. Machine tending robots are especially suited for material supply, as well as the loading and unloading parts and mold inserts from injection molding machines. 

  1. Dispensing & Sealing

Cobots are an excellent approach for robotic assembly applications involving form in place gasket (FIPG), sealing, and masking, as well as the application of adhesives or grease. Dispensing and sealing robots allow for variable volumes and rates, and configurations ranging from small syringe applicators to large volume, dual-drum, automatic switchover units. 

  1. Full Product Vision Inspection

The process inefficiencies, product quality problems, and uncaught errors that cost businesses greatly can be largely eliminated with machine vision product inspection. Robotic vision inspection technology offers businesses of all sizes a dependable solution for quality control issues.

Remtec is Your Source for Robotic Automation Solutions

Our robotic automation experience translates to your competitive advantage. As one of the leading robotic integration specialists in North America, Remtec can help you realize the benefits that robotic automation can bring to your manufacturing operation.

Remtec is a Certified Service Provider for Fanuc Robotics, which means that we have the parts, tools, and expertise to service all of our robotic systems, including the robot itself. We also offer preventive maintenance services to keep your line in top condition.

Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through automation.

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