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Robotic Packing & Palletizing Offers Safety Plus Four Key Benefits

Packing and palletizing robots provide an efficient alternative to using human labor resources for monotonous physical tasks and operations that have the potential to be hazardous. Pick and place tasks commonly involve repetitive movements or awkward positions, which are well-suited for robots, but can lead to strain injuries for people. The integration of robotics for … Continued

Robotic Palletizing Takes Automated Systems to a New Level

Automatic palletizers have long been used as an efficient and reliable material handling solution in a wide range of production facilities. In addition to providing improved efficiency, automated palletizing has relieved human labor from the taxing job of loading and unloading pallets, resulting in improved workplace safety. Despite the advantages, traditional automated palletizing systems have … Continued

Remtec Sets the Table for Efficiency in Paper Dinnerware Packing Application

When a manufacturer of paper dinnerware products needed to improve productivity and efficiency in their packaging process, Remtec was able to meet the challenge with an innovative multi-robot system performing several processes. The solution designed by Remtec is an end-of-line system for case packing and palletizing packages of paper plates and bowls. The system consists … Continued

Remtec’s Integrated Case Packing and Palletizing System

Remtec’s Robotic Case Packaging and Palletizing System is a complete End-of-Line Solution, capable of packing individual items or entire product layers at rates up to 25 cases per minute. This fully automated packaging system includes the case erector, conveyors, robotic case loader, case sealer, and case palletizer. The system can be designed to handle products … Continued


Reliably depalletizing cases or parts presents special challenges.  Loads must be stabilized, and the product being depalletized must be accurately located before each pick.  Remtec has demonstrated experience building case depalletizing systems, carton depalletizing systems, and depalletizers for picking work in process components to supply to downstream production processes. With standard Allen-Bradley controllers, Remtec depalletizing … Continued

Case Palletizing

Remtec offers a range of robotic case palletizers from low-cost single SKU systems to multi-lane systems that palletize dozens of case SKU’s.  Remtec’s robotic case palletizing systems offer maximum flexibility, with the ability to change SKU’s automatically on demand.  The creation of new load patterns is a breeze using a PC-based graphical interface, which allows unit … Continued

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