Robotic Palletizing Takes Automated Systems to a New Level

Automatic palletizers have long been used as an efficient and reliable material handling solution in a wide range of production facilities. In addition to providing improved efficiency, automated palletizing has relieved human labor from the taxing job of loading and unloading pallets, resulting in improved workplace safety.

robotic palletizing by Remtec Automation

Despite the advantages, traditional automated palletizing systems have often required too much space within the facility to be practical. They have also been somewhat limited in terms of capability, such as the need to palletize mixed loads or to quickly change between products. In terms of investment cost, an operation might not have enough throughput to justify the investment.

Today, increasing productivity and profitability, robotic palletizing technology allows for more flexibility.

Benefits of robotic palletizers include customization to suit specific needs and budgets. Robotic palletizing work cells provide more capability and flexibility than conventional automated palletizing.

Remtec is highly experienced in the development of efficient and cost-effective robotic palletizing and depalletizing systems. This effective means for transporting materials in and out of manufacturing lines virtually eliminates human liability.

Remtec robotic palletizing systems are highly effective for:

  • Palletizing cases, bags, bundles, pails, and containers
  • Palletizing of components or Work-in-Process Inventory
  • Depalletizing cases, carton flats, or components
  • Mixed / Rainbow load palletizing
  • High speed carton depalletizing

Remtec provides low-cost, single-line systems that can be set up within a few hours. We also develop more complex robotic palletizing systems with multiple infeeds and outfeeds to support entire production facilities. Remtec’s pre-engineered robotic solutions feature a simple touchscreen control interface for quicker SKU setup and changeover.

Our team has designed solutions for a wide range of industries including food processing, consumer goods manufacturing, and durable goods manufacturing.

Let Remtec’s experience translate into your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss your robotic palletizing needs and how we can customize a system to meet your needs and budget.

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