Casting operations such as die-casting, investment casting, and sand casting are often dirty, dangerous, and dull jobs. Output, production, and safety for these processes can be significantly improved with robotic automation.

Continuity and consistency in casting operations can be greatly enhanced with robotic systems. Pouring and degating processes that are dangerous for humans can be safely performed by robots.

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How Automation Improves Casting Operations

One challenge involved with casting operations is that the molten material processes create a dangerous environment for humans. Other issues include inconsistent casting quality, lack of process flexibility, and insufficient traceability. Automation addresses these problems and more.

Benefits gained through casting automation include:

  • Quality
  • Reduced down-time
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved die life
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Safety

While traditional pouring arms are rigidly associated with a process, robotics offer much greater flexibility. Robotic die spray and pouring systems allow for simple adjustments to current processes, enable easy changeover, and offer future flexibility for adding new models.

Other advantages robotic systems provide include consistent and safe material handling of hot, sharp, and heavy parts, as well as automatic deburring of parting lines to remove sharp edges prior to operator intervention.

Industries that Benefit from Casting Automation

  • Materials Production
  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Aerospace
  • Consumer Products

Why Choose Remtec?

Remtec develops casting material handling systems that support ferrous and non-ferrous casting processes. Our systems are also used for applying die spray release agents, tundish spraying, sand core dipping, sleeve insertion, molten material pouring, laser marking, part finishing, part marking, material removal, part handling, palletizing, and quality traceability.

As a supplier, Remtec offers the advantages of:

  • Extensive experience with precasting and post-casting material handling systems
  • Robust system designs that are proven to work in the harshest environments
  • Systems with safe laser marking and part traceability
  • Transportation industry experience that applies to many industries
  • Simplified operator HMI interfaces
  • Quick change over – from HMI with no manual intervention or change parts
  • Customizable production tracking and traceability
  • Interface to plant SCADA and data tracking systems
  • Secondary process in the same robotic cell

Remtec will identify the most efficient and cost-effective equipment to achieve your process goals while staying within the scope of your budget. We develop a thorough cost/benefit analysis for your team to see justification for your robotic automation investment.

If you are new to robotics, we will work with your company to make the integration process easy and accessible.