Whether you are packing cartons in cases, pouches in cases, or products in trays, Remtec packing robots can greatly improve the speed and flexibility of your packaging operation.

All of Remtec’s packing robots feature highly reliable case erectors and sealers, which are available in a wide range of tape-seal and glue-seal configurations.

In addition, Remtec’s case handling conveyors and flap management systems are designed for maximum reliability and adjustability over a wide range of SKUs.

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Remtec’s robotic packing systems are all equipped with standard Allen-Bradley controllers, which eliminate the need for robot programming expertise on the packaging floor. A simple touch screen operator interface is provided so that the system can be operated without specialized training. Production data is also tracked, displayed, and communicated to plant enterprise systems.

Packing Robot System features matched to your needs:

  • Turnkey system design
  • Conveyors included
  • Carton erectors and sealers

Learn more about our picking robot system solutions:

  • Case Packing
  • Kitting Robots

Our packing robot system experience translates to your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through robotic automation.