Robotic Case Packing Translates to Competitive Advantage

The speed and efficiency of packing processes can be improved tremendously with the implementation of robotic case packaging. Remtec packing robots and robotic case packing systems are ideal for tasks such as loading cartons, bottles, and pouches into cases, or placing products in trays.

Remtec packing robots

Flexible robotic automation is ideal for meeting shorter product life cycles and meeting the challenges of new product and packaging designs. Robotic case packing systems can be designed to work within restricted floor space needs, making the benefits of increased productivity and total throughput available in a wide range of applications. Workplace safety is also enhanced with fewer accidents and decreased injury due to ergonomic issues.

Remtec robotic case packing solutions offer these advantages and more, through our extensive experience in robotic integration. Our customized robotic automation solutions offer a high degree of flexibility, so systems can be designed to meet specific needs. Remtec packing robots feature dependable case erectors and sealers, which are available in a wide range of tape-seal and glue-seal configurations. Our case handling conveyors and flap management systems are designed for maximum reliability and adjustability over a wide range of SKU’s.

Remtec Robotic Case Packing Advantages

  • Efficiency – up to 25 cases/minute
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility over a wide range of product types
  • Simple Allen Bradley controls – no expertise needed
  • Low maintenance
  • Turnkey system design
  • Cost reduction in labor

Every robotic case packing system we develop is equipped with standard Allen-Bradley controllers, eliminating the need for robot programming expertise on the packaging floor. A user-friendly touch screen operator interface is provided so that the system can be operated without specialized training.

Whatever your process or product may be, our robotic case packing systems translate to your competitive advantage. Contact us today to discuss your application!

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