Remtec Sets the Table for Efficiency in Paper Dinnerware Packing Application

When a manufacturer of paper dinnerware products needed to improve productivity and efficiency in their packaging process, Remtec was able to meet the challenge with an innovative multi-robot system performing several processes.

The solution designed by Remtec is an end-of-line system for case packing and palletizing packages of paper plates and bowls. The system consists of two robotic case packing systems, each capable of packing 32 packages of plates or bowls per minute into cases. These two case packing robot systems feed a single palletizing robot which is palletizing the packages of product at the combined rate of 64 (2×32) packages per minute.

A pair of Lantech case erectors at the start of the system begin the process by preparing the cartons for packing. The erectors are capable of erecting 12 SKU’s at rates up to 15 cases per minute. Custom stackers are incorporated in the system to create the stacks of packages that will be picked up by the case packing robot. These stackers have the flexibility to be reconfigured to run both plates and bowls.

Two Fanuc M-20iA case packing robots, with Remtec-designed custom End-of-Arm-Tool (or EOAT), are employed to pick the prepared stacks and fill the cases. The packing robots are programmed to run any of the 12 SKU’s by selection from a Human Machine Interface (HMI). The case sealing function is performed by two additional Lantech units, which are also capable of running 12 SKU’s at rates up to 25 cases/minute.

Finally, a Fanuc M410iB/140h palletizing robot accepts sealed cases from the case packing robots. With Remtec-designed custom vacuum EOAT, this robot is able to palletize all 12 SKU’s as selected from the system HMI. Cases are palletized in two separate locations on corrugated plastic sheets, which are re-circulated through the system. The system’s processes end with a Lantech stretch wrapper that automatically wraps each load.

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