Robotic Capabilities Expand with Intelligent End-of-Arm Tooling

End-of-arm tooling (EOAT) has gotten smart with new enhancements that further expand robotic capabilities. Application specific gripper technology has made robotic technology employable for a wider range of applications. Other capability-expanding developments in EOAT include advanced tooling, tool changers, and easy to use control modules.

According to a recent article appearing in Robotics Online, flexibility is a key factor in today’s EOAT trends:

“Robot users are asking for end-of-arm tooling that can handle multiple sizes of similar materials, or end effectors to handle different kinds of materials, or hybrid technologies that tackle multiple tasks with the same EOAT.”

Intelligent end-of-arm tooling can be easily adjusted, allowing robots to handle variations in part size, weight, and shape.  Some examples of EOAT innovations include:

  • Servo Grippers – able to adapt to part irregularities without manual adjustment and allows multiple functions to be performed by  one end-of-arm tool
  • Modular Vacuum Grippers – designed to handle varying shapes, weight, and sizes for maximum efficiency and flexibility
  • Hybrid Tooling – multiple gripper technologies are employed in the same end-of-arm tooling
  • Advanced Tool Changers – allow for faster changes and improve accuracy
  • Intelligent Control Modules – provides communication between the robot controller, the tool changer, and effectors
  • Anthropomorphic and Adaptable Finger Grippers – ideal for more complex, multi-part assemblies
  • Switchable Magnetic Technology – features high strength and efficiency , as well as easy control

When one robot is able to perform a wider variety of functions, the return on investment in robotic technology is substantial.

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