Robotic Sanding Simplifies Key Manufacturing Process

In order to achieve optimal product quality, proper sanding is an essential step in the manufacture of many products. Traditionally, sanding has been a labor intensive process, requiring great care and attention to detail to maintain desirable and consistent results. For laborers, sanding work carries the risk of injury as well as exposure to hazardous dust.

Robotic sanding offers an excellent way to automate the task, making it faster, with less human involvement, and far greater consistency. The following video demonstrates a dual Fanuc M-10iA robotic furniture sanding system developed by Remtec.

Remtec is highly experienced in the development of cost-effective robotic systems for automating a wide range of manufacturing processes. We are an authorized systems integrator for Fanuc Robotics with expertise in the integration of advanced technologies to provide:

  • Safe Collaboration
  • Easy Programming and Handling
  • Proven, Repeatable, Reliable Technology
  • Intelligent Features like Vision and Force Sensing
  • Small Controller/ Small Footprint Design

If you are interested in learning more about automated robotic sanding applications, contact us to discuss your project!

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