Meeting the Challenges of Robotic Integration

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Robotic automation can add a high degree of efficiency to a wide range of manufacturing processes including assembly, packaging, pick and place, palletizing, assembly, inspection, and more. While robotic technology has become more affordable and adaptable than ever before, it can still seem very challenging for many companies to integrate robots with their existing systems and equipment.

Companies considering the cost of robotic automation need to consider many factors beyond the investment in robotic equipment. Existing equipment and systems will need to work with the robotic equipment. The required resources must also be available, including the time it takes to carry out a successful robotic integration. Businesses should conduct a cost benefit analysis, as well, to determine if they will significantly benefit from the implementation of robotic technology.

All of these considerations may make the idea of integrating robotic systems seem to complicated and daunting to take on. Working with an experienced robotic integration specialist can alleviate much of this stress.

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Remtec Automation is a Leading Robotic Integration Specialist in North America

As one of the leading robotic integration specialists in North America, Remtec can help you realize the benefits that industrial robots can bring to your manufacturing operation. Remtec has more than 35 years of experience that will translate to your competitive advantage. We are also a Certified Servicing Integrator for Fanuc Robotics.

robotic integration
Our experienced team of engineers will analyze your existing production process in order to best utilize existing assets while levering the latest robotic technologies. Through the aid of analysis and simulation tools, Remtec will model your current process, then develop a systems integration design that will take your operation to the next level.

Remtec designs, delivers, and installs complete robotic integration systems in your plant, thoroughly integrating all processes including:

  • Product Handling
  • Inspection
  • Packing and Palletizing
  • Assembly

Your new robotic system and existing equipment can be controlled using one integrated control system implemented by Remtec. New production data can be collected as well.

Remtec Automation backs our work with a complete system warranty and 24/7/365 commitment to service. Contact us to discuss how we can help you advance your business through robotic automation.

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