Robotics Major Driver For New Job Creation

According to the findings of a study conducted by the market research firm, Metra Martech, Positive Impact of Industrial Robots on Employment, robotics will be a significant driver for worldwide job creation over the next five years. The study, first published in 2011, was supplemented earlier this year with an updated report to account for more recent data.

Conclusions of the study were that the creation of three million industrial jobs were directly related to the implementation of one million robots for industrial processes. Growth in robotic use over the next five years was predicted to result in even more jobs in areas such as food, solar and wind power, consumer goods, and more.

The study also identified that growth in electronics, pharmaceuticals, and other high tech industries was significantly impacted by the increased quality, precision, and speed afforded by robotic technology. By enhancing the overall success of operations, robotics have resulted in fast-paced growth and employment in these sectors.

According to the report, three critical areas of growth in robotics implementation included:

  • Operations in areas that are unsafe for human labor
  • Work that is not economically sustainable in a high wage economy
  • Functions that are impossible for human labor to carry out

Indirect job creation, through newly created downstream activity is also noted in the report. Increased speed and capability means a higher output of goods, which in turn means more employees needed to handle  increased production, packaging, distribution, etc.

The report also suggestions that exponential growth in the robotics industry itself will also be a driving factor in the creation of new jobs and strengthening of the economy.

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