Problems with process inefficiencies, product quality, and uncaught errors cost businesses greatly in terms of lost productivity, missed delivery deadlines, and incorrect orders. These losses result and lower profits and even damage to the reputation of a business. Thorough quality control procedures can only go so far, and staffing the qualified personal to inspect products and processes can be costly.

Robotic vision inspection technology offers businesses of all sizes a dependable solution for quality control issues. Innovative robotic vision inspection technology also offers the advantage of increasing productivity through optimized process up time, elimination of quality slips, and reduced rework. Robotic vision inspection systems are adaptable as product designs change over time.

Robotic vision inspection systems have become increasingly powerful and flexible, allowing inspection tasks to be integrated into robotic work cells. Robotic inspection systems offer substantial cost savings over traditional labor intensive inspection solutions. Quality in manufacturing improves with robotic vision inspection because robots can inspect every part produced. Conventional off-line quality inspection involves checking only a small percentage of parts.

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Remtec is your qualified source for robotic vision inspection system integration. Our extensive experience includes expertise in the area of 3D Line Scanning. We are a Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC, Cognex, and Keyence, industry leaders in robotic technology. Our specialization includes accreditation as a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist.

Robotic vision inspection systems include different options to meet varying needs:

1D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems – analyze a digital signal one line at a time instead of looking at an entire picture at once. Typically detects and classifies defects on materials manufactured in a continuous process, such as paper, metals, plastics, and other non-woven sheet or roll goods.

2D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems – most commonly include inspection cameras that capture 2D snapshots in varying resolutions. Another type of 2D machine vision–line scan–builds a 2D image line by line. Applications include: measurement, presence/absence, defect inspection, product identification, and robot guidance.

3D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems – usually involve multiple cameras or one or more laser displacement sensors. Multi-camera 3D vision in robotic guidance systems supplies the robot with part orientation information. 3D laser-displacement applications can use a single sensor to produce 3D results for height mapping, volume measurement, and surface inspection.

Remtec assists both new and experienced robot users with stand-alone or integrated robotic vision inspection systems. We have worked on a wide range of industrial robotic vision inspection projects in industries such as automotive manufacturing, consumer product manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing, and general industry. Our comprehensive services meet all project needs, from system design and development to installation and training.

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