Remtec’s first customers, who were almost all in the transportation products industry, are still our customers today and we have grown to automate manufacturing applications in many other industries.

Remtec has built robotic automation systems of all types to automate the production of vehicle engines, suspensions, consumer products, plastic parts, furniture, and other components.

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Applications include:

  • Load/unload of machining and forming operations
  • Material supply and part feeding
  • Product inspection systems (vision based, gauging, operator stations, etc.)
  • Material removal (deburr, deflash, chamfering, sanding)
  • Assembly
  • Dispensing and sealing
  • Buffering and storage/retrieval of in-process inventory
  • Casting and injection molding process automation
  • Palletizing and packing of parts and subassemblies
  • Laser marking
  • Traceability

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