Machine vision systems are used in a broad range of applications for machine vision inspection and quality control. Machine vision inspection capabilities are well suited for:

  • Defect detection
  • Functional flaws
  • Manufacturing irregularities
  • Part/feature presence
  • Product and package matching
  • Traceability and code detection
  • Material and surface irregularities
  • And more

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How Robotic Machine Vision Inspection Works

A well designed machine vision inspection system may use multiple cameras, lenses, lighting solutions, and vision tools. Hardware can be fixed mounted on a stand or mounted to a positioning actuator or robot. Robot based systems allow for flexibility and adaptability for multiple lighting solutions.

Vision tools can be based on traditional tool rules like line detect, edge detection, edge inspect, bead detection, contrast, histograms, color, object location, identification, measurement, and gauging. Advanced tools now include deep learning neural network software such as the Cognex Vidi suite of tools.

Robotic Machine Vision Inspection Applications

  • Label presence
  • Label verification
  • Package seal verification
  • Safety seal presence
  • Bead size & path verification
  • Cast or machine feature verification & size confirmation
  • Blister pack count verification
  • Fill level check
  • Tool wear check
  • Product dimensional checks

Industries that Benefit from Robotic Machine Vision Inspection

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Food & Beverage
  • Packaging
  • Consumer Goods
  • Building Materials
  • Plastics
  • Life Sciences

Why Choose Remtec?

Remtec has extensive experience in developing robotic machine vision inspection systems, including expertise in the area of 3D Line Scanning & Profiling. We are a Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC, Cognex, and Keyence, industry leaders in robotic technology. Our specialization includes accreditation as a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist. As your robotic automation partner, Remtec offers you the benefits of:

  • Remtec solutions are typically Cognex and Fanuc based, but we do work with other manufacturers upon request
  • Countless applications in the field
  • Training and implementation of all processes
  • Flexibility and experience in determining the proper solution
  • Remtec has a well stocked vision lab with the cameras, lenses, lighting, filters, and software needed to evaluate your process needs
  • Our vision inspection solutions are commonly integrated with our automation workcells or existing manufacturing lines.

For customers who are new to robotics, we work with you to make the integration process easy and accessible. From employee robot training to user-friendly traditional HMI based controls, we make transitioning to robotic automation as smooth and simple as possible.