The implementation of a successful robotic system requires much more than the selection of the right robot. When selecting an integrator, end users need to consider a number of factors in addition to technical competence.

With Remtec, you can be confident of these things:

  • Remtec’s Track Record. With hundreds of installed applications over the past 35+ years, Remtec has a strong body of work to draw on for your application.
  • Remtec’s sales and applications team consists of experienced automation engineers, who are capable of helping you to justify and specify potential projects. If you have an application that is not a strong fit for our robotic solutions, we will tell you so up front.
  • All of Remtec’s projects are led by an experienced project manager.
  • Remtec has in-house design, fabrication, assembly, and system runoff resources, meaning that Remtec is a one-stop shop for turn-key systems.
  • All of Remtec’s Systems carry a complete system warranty, and are backed by our 24/7/365 commitment to service.

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