Case Palletizing

Remtec offers a range of robotic case palletizers from low-cost single SKU systems to multi-lane systems that palletize dozens of case SKU’s.  Remtec’s robotic case palletizing systems offer maximum flexibility, with the ability to change SKU’s automatically on demand.  The creation of new load patterns is a breeze using a PC-based graphical interface, which allows unit load patterns to be created remotely and uploaded to the system.  All of Remtec’s case palletizing systems are equipped with standard Allen-Bradley controllers, which eliminate the need for robot programming expertise on the packaging floor.  A simple touch screen operator interface is provided so that the system can be operated without specialized training.

Case Palletizing Robot System Optional Equipment:

  • Automatic Pallet Feed
  • Slip Sheet and/or tier sheet feeding and placement
  • Case inspection
  • Case labeling
  • Barcode reading and product tracking
  • Corner-posting
  • Automatic Load wrapping
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV’s)
  • Ethernet integration with plant and DC enterprise systems.
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