Reliably depalletizing cases or parts presents special challenges.  Loads must be stabilized, and the product being depalletized must be accurately located before each pick.  Remtec has demonstrated experience building case depalletizing systems, carton depalletizing systems, and depalletizers for picking work in process components to supply to downstream production processes.

With standard Allen-Bradley controllers, Remtec depalletizing systems eliminate the need for robot programming expertise on the floor.  The user-friendly touch screen operator interface allows the system to be operated without specialized training.

Learn more about our robotic depalletizing solutions:

  • High Speed Carton Depalletizer – Remtec’s Robotic Magazine Loader is the perfect solution for high-rate ergonomically challenging magazine loading applications.
  • Depalletizing of Automotive Parts – Remtec’s Robotic Depalletizing System supplies an automotive production line with engine components.

Our robotic depalletizing experience translates to your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through robotic automation.

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