Complete End-Of-Line SystemsApplications:  Multi-Line Case Palletizing, with Pallet Handling and Load Wrapping

Benefits:  Remtec’s flexible case palletizer can be applied to a wide range of case palletizing problems.  Up to four case infeeds, four pallet outfeeds, and an almost limitless number of unit loads provide maximum flexibility to meet changing production requirements.

System Features:

  • Fanuc M410iB robot with 3-Meter reach and payloads up to 300kg
  • PalletTool™ interface for easy addition of new unit loads
  • Multifunction case, pallet, and tier sheet handling end-effector
  • Vacuum pump for handling porous cases and bags
  • Up to four infeeds and four outfeeds
  • Ergonomic operator interface

Available Options:

  • Completely automated pallet and load handling
  • Stretch wrapping or banding
  • Automatic pallet dispenser
  • Automatic case ID and program selection

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