Applications: Case Depalletizing / Magazine Loading

Benefits:  Remtec’s Robotic Magazine Loader can help you realize the full potential of your cartoning operation.  For cartoning rates in excess of 250 cpm and with case loads up to 100 lbs, this is the perfect solution for high-rate ergonomically challenging magazine loading applications

System Features:

  • Fanuc R2000iB 165kg robot with 2.65-Meter reach
  • Multifunction Case depalletizing and tier sheet handling end-effector
  • Automatic sensing of carton supply in magazine
  • Automatic load height sensing
  • Capable of feeding multiple machines with varied carton sizes
  • Case Loads up to 100 lbs
  • Supports cartoning rates up to 250 cpm, depending on count per case
  • Ergonomic operator interface

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Available Options:

  • Automatic load handling
  • Automatic empty pallet handling and upstacking
  • Case stripping and knockdown
  • Dunnage handling

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