• Remtec has integrated countless Fanuc Robots as an Authorized Systems Integrator for Fanuc Robotics since our beginnings in the early 1980’s. This allows us to provide you with the most competitive and capable robotic system. We are also a Certified Servicing Integrator and Certified Vision specialist for Fanuc Robotics.

    • Real advantages and ROI can be realized by integrating robots with existing equipment, but integration must be done with the assistance of an experienced robotic integrator. Our team of experienced engineers carefully evaluate existing production processes to develop solutions that allow companies to make the most of existing assets, while benefiting from robotic technology.

    • Remtec uses the latest analysis and simulation tools to design, deliver, and install complete robotic integration systems that include processes such as product handling, inspection, assembly, machine load/unload, material removal, high speed picking, palletizing, and packing.

    • Yes! As a highly experienced and knowledgeable robotic integrator, Remtec develops new systems with robots and legacy equipment that allow for control as well as the collection of production data using one integrated control system.

    • Because we are a Certified Servicing Integrator for Fanuc Robotics, Remtec is able to provide 24/7/365 certified service on all Fanuc robots, including preventive maintenance and robot repair.

    • In addition to offering our customers knowledgeable robotic integration experience and robotic equipment expertise, we offer complete in-house manufacturing capabilities. Our services include: machining, welding, panel fabrication, wiring, finishing, assembly, testing, and runoff.

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