Sheet Handling Gantry

Servo operated manipulator automatically stacks sheets of solid-surface counter material.

Robotic Magazine Loader

Remtecs Robotic Magazine Loader can help you realize the full potential of your cartoning operation. For cartoning rates up to 350 cpm and with payload capacities up to 100 lbs, this is the perfect solution for high-rate ergonomically challenging magazine applications.

Wheel palletizing robotic cell

Robots work as a team to palletize finished wheels. Wheels are staged to a palletizing robot. Tray and base handling robot helps build finished pallet. Foam sheet robot places a protective layer on the face of the wheels. Remtec-engineered wheel palletizing cells can palletize up to 2500 wheels per hour in sizes from 14″ to 22″.

Vision-Assisted Robot Loads Parts to AGV Cart

Robot unloads finished-assembled shafts from assembly line and places them onto a cart pulled by an automatic guided vehicle (AGV) using machine vision guidance to find the cart and each of the positions on the cart. Shaft gears are merged on the move from the assembly line to the AGV cart.