Robotic Load and Unload of Blister Seal Machine

Robotic loading of small tubes and unloading blister backs from a Sonoco Alloyd rotary blister seal machine. Fanuc SR-6iA scara robots use visual line tracking to randomly pick and load various blister pack configurations (quick change and set up). Fanuc LR Mate 200iD unloading completed single and multi-packs and collating them for retail tray loading.

Robotic Palletizing System

Fanuc robots destacking multiple sizes of pallets, handling slip sheets, and palletizing cases in a cool wet environment.

Robotic Pail Palletizer

Fanuc M-410iC/185 robot palletizing pails. The robot orients the pails for labeling and palletizing based on the handle location. The system shows updated status and production counts, and handles partial loads with ease.

Intelligent Sorting and Stacking Robot

Fanuc R-2000iB/125L robot with Remtec custom programmed intelligent product sorting and stacking. RFID tag read, sort and stack algorithm based on destination, size, shape, and crushability.

Visual Line Tracking High Speed Picking Robots

Fanuc robots implemented using iRPickTool/iRVision dual conveyor line tracking to achieve load balanced production of 90+ picks per minute.

Multi-Lane Robotic Case Palletizer

Multi-lane, multi-robot, case palletizer with automatic pallet handling, slip sheet handling, multi-case gripper.

High Speed Carton Loading

Light weight, soft product transferred and loaded into cartoner at maximum rate of 200+ per minute.

End-of-Line Case Packing & Palletizing System

Remtec was approached by a company in need of a case packing and palletizing system to reduce costs and increase productivity. This company produces products such as paper plates & bowls that get shipped nationwide. Discovering Remtec was one of the nations top system integrators, the company met with Remtec to discuss the requirements, ideas, and vision for their end-of-line system. This resulted in the system shown here.

Integrated Robotic Case Packing and Palletizing System

Case Packing and Palletizing of food, beverage, and consumer goods.

Benefits: Remtec’s Robotic Case Packaging / Palletizing System is a complete End-of-Line Solution, capable of packing individual items or entire product layers at rates up to 25 cases per minute.

Dental Burr Collation System – Fanuc M-1iA Robot

Remtec’s High Speed robotic kitting system is capable of feeding, orienting, and packing specialized dental burrs at rates up to 50 parts per minute.

Robotic Case Packaging Solution

Remtec’s Robotic Case Packaging Solution is capable of packing individual items or entire product layers at rates up to 25 cases per minute. Our fully automated packaging systems can include the case erectors, conveyors, robotic case loaders and case sealer. System can also be designed to handle products in cartons, bags, clamshells or flow wrap. This includes custom end of arm tooling (EOAT) that is designed for the products to be packed and the system is designed so that a range of robots can be incorporated, depending upon the load and rate requirements. The systems can also include a PLC with touch screen HMI to set up and select the products/packaging configuration to be run.

Pouch Packing – Fanuc M-3iA Robot

Remtec’s High Speed robotic picking system is capable of feeding pouches from bulk, automatically orienting and supplying them to a cartoner infeed at rates up to 90 pouches per minute.

Case Packing and Palletizing of Cake Mix

Remtec designed a customer’s end of line processes, incorporating a new Spantech conveyor and high speed laner, along with a dedicated case packer, feeding a new robotic palletizing cell. These changes drove significant benefits through reduced production costs and increased capacity.

Robotic Magazine Loader

Remtecs Robotic Magazine Loader can help you realize the full potential of your cartoning operation. For cartoning rates up to 350 cpm and with payload capacities up to 100 lbs, this is the perfect solution for high-rate ergonomically challenging magazine applications.

High-Speed Picking – Fanuc M3iA Robot

Remtec Corporation’s demonstration of Fanuc’s new M-3iA high speed picking robot. This parallel link delta robot has a 6kg payload and is capable of cycle speeds well over 100 picks per minute depending on the application. In this demonstration, the robot is organizing and precisely placing tubes of toothpaste which are presented randomly on an input conveyor. This is accomplished by integrating the robot with a vision camera and a line tracking encoder.