Robotic Bag Palletizer

Fanuc R-1000iA/80H robotic bag palletizer including: bag conveyance, bag lay down, bag flattener, and tray handling.

Robotic Palletizing System

Fanuc robots destacking multiple sizes of pallets, handling slip sheets, and palletizing cases in a cool wet environment.

Robotic Pail Palletizer

Fanuc M-410iC/185 robot palletizing pails. The robot orients the pails for labeling and palletizing based on the handle location. The system shows updated status and production counts, and handles partial loads with ease.

Multi-Lane Robotic Case Palletizer

Multi-lane, multi-robot, case palletizer with automatic pallet handling, slip sheet handling, multi-case gripper.

End-of-Line Case Packing & Palletizing System

Remtec was approached by a company in need of a case packing and palletizing system to reduce costs and increase productivity. This company produces products such as paper plates & bowls that get shipped nationwide. Discovering Remtec was one of the nations top system integrators, the company met with Remtec to discuss the requirements, ideas, and vision for their end-of-line system. This resulted in the system shown here.

Integrated Robotic Case Packing and Palletizing System

Case Packing and Palletizing of food, beverage, and consumer goods.

Benefits: Remtec’s Robotic Case Packaging / Palletizing System is a complete End-of-Line Solution, capable of packing individual items or entire product layers at rates up to 25 cases per minute.

Case Palletizing Robot Cell

Remtec cell palletizes incoming cases onto a wood pallet. Pallets are dispensed to the robot. End-of-arm tooling handles both cases (vacuum) and pallets (forks). System includes all case conveyor, pallet conveyor and the stretch wrapper.

Case Packing and Palletizing of Cake Mix

Remtec designed a customer’s end of line processes, incorporating a new Spantech conveyor and high speed laner, along with a dedicated case packer, feeding a new robotic palletizing cell. These changes drove significant benefits through reduced production costs and increased capacity.

Case Palletizing – Two Infeeds and Two Outfeeds

This system palletizes cases of household products at rates up to 48 cpm. There are two distinct product conveyors, and the robot is palletizing one of twelve case types onto each of two pallet outfeed conveyors. Remtec’s special 10-zone robot End-of-Arm-Tool (EOAT) allows for automatic case changeover without any system adjustments. Fanuc Robotics’ Pallet Tool software eases new pallet pattern setup.

Palletizing Cases and Shrink-Wrapped Bundles

Remtec’s custom palletizing system is capable of palletizing multiple unit loads of various case sizes and shrink-wrapped bundle configurations. With Remtec’s unique end-of-arm tool design, the robot is capable of palletizing both cases and shrink-wrapped bundles without making a tool change. The robot cell also features automatic pallet feeding and handling.

CRP – Compact Robotic Palletizer

Remtecs Compact Robotic Palletizer is a flexible labor saver. This entirely self-contained system uses minimal floor space and can be running production within hours of arrival. Unit load modifications are made on the fly with a simple case SKU selection on the integrated touch screen. Pallets are automatically conveyed into and out of the system for safe, efficient operation.

Wheel palletizing robotic cell

Robots work as a team to palletize finished wheels. Wheels are staged to a palletizing robot. Tray and base handling robot helps build finished pallet. Foam sheet robot places a protective layer on the face of the wheels. Remtec-engineered wheel palletizing cells can palletize up to 2500 wheels per hour in sizes from 14″ to 22″.