• Collaborative robots are robots that work directly with people, providing integrated support for your human workforce. In some cases the robot works freely with the worker, in other cases the associate is protected.

    • Increased safety, easy programs and handling, proven, repeatable, reliable technology resulting in enhanced production, intelligent features like vision, and small controller/small footprint design are the main advantages in implementing a collaborative robot into industrial manufacturing automation.

    • Cobot is an abbreviated term for collaborative robot. A collaborative robot is built to interact with human workers in a common space. A traditional robot is designed to work autonomously and away from human contact.

    • Collaborative robots are not always fenceless, meaning their contact with humans can be limited, but in many cases the goal is to allow the operator to freely work with the robot.

    • Collaborative robot applications include four basic operations: 1) safety-rated monitored stop, 2) hand guiding, 3) speed and separation monitoring , and 4) power and force limiting by design.

    • Collaborative robots can actually promote worker health and safety by taking over tedious, repetitive tasks and some degree of lifting.

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