Pail palletizing is a type of robotic palletizing that can greatly improve operational efficiency. Automated pail palletizing systems involve customized conveyors that transport pails to staging systems.

The pails are typically one gallon, five gallons, or more, and the drums can range up to 55 gallons in size.

The pails and drums used in robotic palletizing systems can be made from plastic, fiber, or metal. Pails may already have lids installed, or the lids can be applied via secondary automation equipment. The pails can be labeled on the sides or tops.

Robots are used to stack the pails on pallets, placing tier sheets or boards between the stacked layers.

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How Pail Palletizing Robots Improve Processes

Some common problems that occur with the process of manually palletizing pails include workplace injuries from heavy lifting and dropped products, including breakage or spillage. Misplaced, incorrectly oriented handles and mislabeled pails or drums can lead to production slow-downs and quality issues. Furthermore, the limitations of human labor such as fatigue result in unstable loads on the pallet. Automated pail palletizing results in:

  • Maximized filler capacity
  • Reduction of workplace injuries
  • More stable unit loads for shipping
  • Reduced pail breakage compared to manual operations

Industries that Use Pail Palletizing Robotics

  • Building/Construction Supplies
  • Chemical Processing
  • Adhesive, Grease, and Sealant Production
  • Food
  • Animal Products
  • Plastic

Why Choose Remtec?

As one of the leading robotic integrators in North America, the Remtec team has developed pail palletizing systems for a wide range of applications. As your robotic automation partner, Remtec offers you the benefits of:

  • Customizable gripper tooling (vacuum, fork style, clamp style)
  • Product and pallet conveying
  • Lid placement and/or confirmation
  • Integrated check weighing
  • Handle orientation (pail rotators)
  • Automatic labeling integrated to bar code reading and/or plant production systems
  • Simple changeover
  • Slip/tier sheet/board feeding and placement
  • Dunnage destacking and placement
  • Automated pallet feeding and handling
  • Harsh environment options
  • Pail depalletizing
  • Barcode reading, label verification, and product tracking
  • Automatic load wrapping
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle (AGV) interfacing
  • Ethernet integration with plant and DC enterprise systems

For customers who are new to robotics, we work with you to make the integration process easy and accessible. From employee robot training to user-friendly traditional HMI based controls, we make transitioning to robotic automation as smooth and simple as possible.