Applications: High-Speed Picking and Packing of Candy Pouches

Benefits: Remtec’s High Speed robotic picking system is capable of feeding pouches from bulk, automatically orienting them and supplying them to a cartoner infeed at rates up to 90 pouches/minute.

System Features:

  • Fanuc M-3iA parallel link robot which is capable of cycle rates up to 100 ppm.
  • Fanuc iRVision vision system with line tracking which allows the robot to pick and orient randomized product.
  • Pouch feed hopper which allows bulk introduction of pouches for cartoning.
  • Pouch flattener for optimizing cartoner performance.
  • Robot automatically rejects nonconforming pouches, which are automatically recirculated back through the hopper and flattener.

Available Options: 

  • Alternative operating modes for packaging product directly from primary packaging equipment
  • Multiple robot configurations for higher rates
  • Options for handling products of all types
  • Food grade construction for feeding primary packaging processes

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