Remtec packing robots can significantly the speed and flexibility of packaging operations. Our robotic case packaging/palletizing system is a complete end-of-line solution, capable of packing individual items or entire product layers at rates up to 25 cases per minute.

All Remtec packing robots feature highly reliable Lantech case erectors and sealers, which are available in a wide range of tape-seal and glue-seal configurations. Remtec also features case handling conveyors and flap management systems, which are designed for maximum reliability and adjustability over a wide range of SKU’s.

Remtec offers a variety of robotic case palletizing systems from single SKU systems to more complex multi-lane systems that palletize dozens of case SKU’s. Remtec’s robotic case palletizing systems offer maximum flexibility, with the capability to change SKU’s automatically as needed.

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Systems are designed so that a range of robots can be incorporated, depending upon the load and rate requirements. Remtec’s experienced team of engineers can evaluate your production process to integrate the latest technologies. Using our analysis and simulation tools, Remtec will model your process, then design, deliver, and install a complete robotic integration system in your plant, completely integrating all processes.

The fully automated Remtec packaging system includes the case erector, conveyors, robotic case loader, case sealer, and case palletizer. This complete system provides a host of benefits including reduced unskilled labor costs, improved workplace safety, enhanced production speed and accuracy, as well as flexibility and ease of product changeover.

Whatever your robotic automation needs, Remtec can apply our vast experience and expertise in developing a complete robotic case packing and palletizing systems that provides you with the competitive advantage you need. Contact us to learn more.