A common type of automation in the category of picking robots is packaging equipment load and unload automation. These applications use robots to pick and load finished consumer products into retail packaging equipment and unload the packaged product which will move on to case packing and ultimately palletizing for shipment. These are very often high speed applications.

Types of equipment that can be automated include:

  • Blister Pack Machines (Dial and Inline)
  • Clamshell Sealing Machine
  • Trays Sealers
  • Form Fill and Seal (FFS) Equipment
  • Pouch Machines
  • Kitting Trays
  • Cartoning Equipment

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How Load & Unload Robots Improve Processes

Packaging equipment load and unload robots offer many improvements over hand loading and unloading. The flexibility of robotic systems means simple purges and changeovers, so equipment stays running and productive longer. Robots are extremely accurate, with vision guided systems that can detect randomly oriented products at a bulk high rate.

Accurate product placement eliminates problems like damage to the product from being misset in a sealer. Process improvements include:

  • Simple purge and automatic changeovers
  • Vision system confirmation of correct product loading
  • No missed pick and place cycles in the packaging equipment mean less scrap
  • Increases throughput and capacity on existing packaging lines
  • Packaging equipment can be run 24/7 at full rates
  • Increased throughput and capacity
  • Accurate product placement

Improved safety is another important benefit of automating packaging equipment load and unload automation. Humans who perform loading and unloading tasks are vulnerable to repetitive motion injuries. Robots allow companies to dedicate their employees to safer and more fulfilling tasks.

Industries that Use Load & Unload Robotics:

  • Food & Beverage
  • Pet Supplies
  • Consumer Goods
  • Life Sciences

Why Choose Remtec?

As one of the leading robotic integrators in North America, Remtec has developed many packaging equipment load and unload systems. As your robotic automation partner, Remtec offers you the benefits of:

  • Fanuc iRPickPro and third party vision based solutions
  • Secondary machine side processes (for example, retail tray packing directly from a blister seal machine)
  • Custom designed and built product feeding, buffering, and recirculation systems
  • Tooling specifically designed for each product
  • Robotic systems that can be redeployed to other packing equipment and products as products and marketing efforts evolve
  • System and robot service/maintenance for the lifetime of the equipment

For customers who are new to robotics, we work with you to make the integration process easy and accessible. From employee robot training to user-friendly traditional HMI based controls, we make transitioning to robotic automation as smooth and simple as possible.