• Remtec is one of the leading robotic integrators in North America, having developed robotic assembly systems for a wide range of manufacturing operations.

    • Robotic assembly systems can consist of one or multiple assembly operations occurring within a work cell.

    • Remtec specialists will work with you to evaluate your existing production process to get the most from existing assets and manual efforts, while integrating the latest robotic assembly technology.

    • New systems and legacy equipment can be controlled and production data can be collected, using one integrated control system, developed to work with your automated assembly process.

    • Assembly robots can fasten, join, sort, identify, feed, inspect, and trace parts. They can also change tooling, do bin picking, and also dispense adhesive, sealant, or grease.

    • Remtec assembly robot solutions have helped manufacturers achieve significant cost savings, quality improvements and productivity gains.

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