Robotic Assembly Is a Quality Investment

Manufacturing has turned to automation to bring efficiency and increased productivity to a wide range of operations. Automation has allowed manufacturers to lower costs and remain competitive, while also relieving human labor of burdensome tasks that lead to strain and injury.

robotic assembly

While applicable for many functions, automation has not always been conducive for many precision processes including manufacturing assembly processes that require a combined level of accuracy, speed, flexibility, and precision that was only achievable by humans. Thanks to innovation in robotic technology, robotic assembly offers a new generation of automation, which has emerged to meet a broader range of manufacturing needs.

A wide range of manufacturers are realizing the significant cost savings, quality improvements and productivity gains associated with flexible robotic assembly. Implementation of robotic assembly technology represents an investment in quality products and processes with these advantages:

  • Substantial Cost Savings Over Time
  • Improved Assembly Accuracy
  • Better Finished Goods
  • Increased Productivity

Robotic assembly systems can consist of one or multiple assembly operations occurring within a work cell. Common robotic assembly processes include:

  • Part Fastening
  • Part Joining
  • Part Sorting
  • Part Identification
  • Part Feeding
  • Tool Changing
  • Part Inspection
  • Bin Picking
  • Part traceability
  • Adhesive, Sealant & Grease Dispensing

Remtec is one of the leading robotic integrators in North America, and has helped a broad range of manufacturing operations integrate the robotic assembly systems into their industrial operations. Our team of experienced robotic specialists can evaluate your existing production process to make the most of existing assets and manual efforts, while integrating the latest robotic assembly technology to advance your operations to the next level.

Employing the latest analysis and simulation tools, our experienced robotic integrators will model your robotic assembly processes, then design, deliver, and install your custom robotic assembly system. Our technology makes it possible for new systems and legacy equipment to be controlled and production data be collected, using one integrated control system, designed to work with your automated assembly process.

Remtec engineered robotic assembly systems offer you an unbeatable competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how we can put our experience and expertise to work for your business.