Industry Benefits From Machine Vision Technology

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Machine vision technology for industrial applications relies on digital sensors housed within industrial cameras. These cameras have specially designed optics for acquiring images that enable computer hardware and software to measure, process, and analyze specific characteristics.

Once reserved for high value products and cost intensive processes, machine vision technology is now offering an unprecedented level of quality control for a growing number of industrial processes. Machine vision technology provides a wide range of industrial applications with a reliable solution for increasing accuracy, consistency, and productivity.

Machine vision inspection identifies process inefficiencies that may otherwise go unnoticed in conventional systems that rely solely on human supervision. The resulting advantages of machine vision implementation include optimized process uptime, reduced rework, and absolute quality assurance with the inspection, since every part produced is inspected. Off-line quality inspections by comparison are too time consuming, so only a small percentage of parts are subject to inspection.

The quality control and productivity advantages of machine vision technology can be applied to any size business since these systems are flexible and highly adaptive.

Businesses of all sizes will find a reliable solution for quality control issues with machine vision solutions. Adding to the quality control advantages is the fact that machine vision technology systems are highly adaptable as product designs change and evolve. Machine vision systems allow inspection tasks to be integrated into robotic work cells. Vision inspection systems actually provide significant cost savings when compared to conventional labor intensive inspection solutions.

Remtec has served a variety of markets with machine vision technology integration. Markets we frequently serve include:

  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Consumer product manufacturing
  • Aerospace manufacturing
  • General industry

As an Authorized Systems Integrator for FANUC and a Certified Systems Integrator for Cognex, Remtec is available to assist both new and experienced robot users with stand-alone or integrated machine vision inspection systems. We also have accreditation as a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist. Our expertise includes:

  • 1D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems
  • 2D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems
  • 3D Robotic Vision Inspection Systems

Our team will meet all project needs, from system design and development to installation and training. Contact us to discuss your process.