GMCR-SystemThe potentially labor intensive process of industrial palletizing, including loading and unloading parts, boxes or other items, is ideally suited to robotic palletizing automation. Robotic palletizing allows a wide range of repetitive labor processes to be performed automatically.

Robotic palletizing has enhanced productivity in many industries including food processing, consumer goods manufacturing, and durable goods manufacturing.  Various end-of-arm-tooling technologies offer flexibility in a variety of palletizing operations.

SHM Palletizing System

Remtec’s robotic palletizers provide significant benefits in flexibility and uptime compared to traditional dedicated equipment. Whether you need a low-cost, single-line system that can be set up within a few hours, or a more complex solution with multiple infeeds and outfeeds, Remtec has pre-engineered robotic solutions ready to go. And with Remtec’s simple touchscreen controls interface, SKU setup and changeover is greatly reduced. Remtec offers solutions for:

  • Palletizing cases, bags, bundles, and containers
  • Palletizing of components or Work-in-Process Inventory
  • Depalletizing cases, carton flats, or components
  • Mixed / Rainbow load palletizing

Our robotic palletizing experience translates to your competitive advantage. Contact us to discuss how Remtec can help you advance your business through automation.