Case Study: S.S. White Technologies Blister Packing Process Benefits from Robotic Automation


SS White Dental is an industry leading manufacturer of high quality dental products that help oral health professionals perform procedures accurately and precisely, while maximizing patient comfort. Since 1844, SS White Dental has been a pioneer and leader in the dental manufacturing industry. The company produces Jazz Supreme polishing systems, Great White Ultra Burs, EndoGuide Endodontic Burs, and more.


The customer needed effective and efficient solutions for the tedious loading of small dental burr components into various process fixtures and pouch machines as well as applying color code stripes. These dull jobs involved ergonomically problematic operations that put employees at risk for repetitive motion injuries. Compounding the problem was a lack of human labor to perform these tasks, which was impacting productivity.


The Remtec team was able to design a variety of automated robotic random part picking systems with machine vision to meet the customer’s needs. Offering maximum flexibility, the robotic high speed picking systems provide the customer with the ability to change SKUs automatically on demand. The systems are equipped with a standard Allen-Bradley controller, which eliminates the need for robot programming expertise on the packaging floor. Any operator can use the simple touch screen interface without specialized training. One employee can run six or more production cells simultaneously.

Remtec offers important advantages as a supplier, including diverse experience in developing robotic automation systems and machine vision product inspection systems. This includes expertise in the area of 3D laser scanning and profiling. We are a Certified Systems Integrator for FANUC, Cognex, and Keyence, industry leaders in robotic technology. Our specialization includes accreditation as a FANUC Certified Vision Specialist.

The Remtec team is ready to put our supplier advantages and expertise to work for you. Contact us to learn more about how robotic automation can benefit your process.

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