Dairy Industry Growth Increases Demand for Robotics

A new study conducted by Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI), indicates that the dairy industry will be a significant growth market for packaging equipment solutions, including robotic technology.

Worldwide milk production is projected to reach 827 million tons by 2020, which is 19 percent over 2010. According to the 2013 edition of “Dairy Industry — A Market Assessment,” the new PMMI study, 80 percent of the dairy producers interviewed for this study report that they are evaluating their machine needs. Within that group, 75 percent plan to purchase equipment in the next 12 to 24 months. Producer goals include robotic integration, greater output, more inspection systems, and energy savings.

Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President of Market Development, PMMI reports, ” The dairy industry is very interested in optimizing production, and with that comes a willingness to adopt new technologies and doing more with less.”

Robotic technology offers many advantages for dairy packaging processes, including greater efficiency and speed for increased production. Robots are also able to reduce demands on labor, especially in their ability to work in extreme conditions and perform heavy lifting. Robotics are also being used further upstream in the dairy industry, in milking applications.

As operation managers in all industries look to improve efficiency and reduce costs, robotic technology is emerging as a preferred solution. Contact us today to discuss your robotic automation needs!

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