Robots Provide Custom Solutions By Design

While many industrial equipment components are customized and packaged to provide automation solutions, robotic technology offers an approach that is fundamentally different. Robots are designed specifically to perform specialized tasks with speed, consistency, and accuracy. Developed with integrated controls and software architecture, robots provide customized solutions by design.

In an article from Robotics Online, Claude Dinsmoor, Material Handling General Manager at FANUC Robotics America Corp, explains that robotics are developed with an application-specific approach, focusing on requirements such as:

  • Reach
  • Speed
  • Payload
  • Inertia
  • Joint Rotation
  • Performance

He explains,“Robots look different because they can be used for many different applications. Software and controls generally have a baseline architecture but have a built-in unique architecture on top of that aimed at an application.”

The specialization of robotic function has evolved through the on-going enhancement of end-user controls. Robotic software can be interfaced with a plant-wide control architecture, allowing for easier integration of robots and lower implementation costs. More sophisticated control technology also allows the ability to change tooling for expanded versatility.

The more sophisticated robotic controls are enhancing  the value of robots as customized material handling solutions. With a new generation of flexible and easy to integrate robotics, the robotics industry is seeing increasing demand for robotics, and more successful businesses and facilities incorporating customized robotic solutions.

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